Process of Manual Building Plan Sanction at NKDA

by Ar. Abhishek Dutta,


New Town Kolkata Development Authority is the sanctioning authority of building plans in WBHIDCO area (commonly known as Rajarhaat New Town, Kolkata).

Apart from the Online Building Plan sanctioning (click here for more information), also offers Manual process for the same.

Process of Manual Building Plan Sanction at NKDA

The applicant need apply to NKDA along with softcopy and hardcopy of Building Plans (Architectural Drawings in Acad with poly-lined drawings and Service Drawings with water demand calculation) along with relevant documents for scrutiny as per rules. Observations are generally conveyed to the applicant, if any, after scrutiny. After complying all observations and corrections, if any, Applicants are supposed to submit 4 sets of Architectural, Services and Structural Drawings both in hardcopy and softcopy for sanction. After final checking letter regarding Fees for Construction Permission shall be issued. After depositing fees, letter regarding issuance of Sanction for erection of building plans shall have to be issued along with Sanctioned Drawings.

For Enquiry related to this one can directly contact

NKDA, 03-MAR, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata – 700156; Ph. No. (Enquiry) 1800-345-1571 (033-27062301)

Or, alternatively, may also feel free to contact the author for any other help or guidance.




About the author:  The author is one of the leading architects working in New Town, Kolkata. He is one of the Founder Partners of   ArcOn Design, an award winning architectural Firm of the City. AD, has been awarded National Award by NIASACouncil of Architecture, INDIA and a Gold Medal for Best Thesis from Jadavpur University. His works has been featured inNDTV Goodtimes‘ “Next Big Thing” TV Programme.  AD, a former Senior Research Fellow for DRDO and Visiting Lecturer in Architecture at many Polytechnics and Degree colleges of Architecture in the country, is a noted expert on Sustainable and Environment Friendly Architecture. He can be reached at +91 9748325700 or through e-mail –


2 thoughts on “Process of Manual Building Plan Sanction at NKDA

  1. What is the costing for soil testing in NKDA for residential buildings? Is the. Sanctioned plan required before the soil testing or can it be done without the plan?


  2. Dear Mr. Saha,
    Sorry for the late reply. The Costing for soil test would depend on the collection depth of soil samples. For G+4 building normally we recommend 1no. 25m 1 no. 12m & 1 no. 5m from 3 different locations. roughly it will cost you somewhere between 18-25 thousand rupees depending on the reputation of the Soil Testing agency. A few agencies works below those rates as well. but we suggest appoint your architect (and Structural engineer through architect) and let them guide you what best will be for you. as due to their experience they might recommend lower depth thus saving your cost.


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